Feeling after learning.

After studying the course, I found that yoga is from faraway India, but it is no stranger to me. In fact, a lot of yoga knowledge is integrated into our lives. I feel that yoga is a life attitude and a habit. When I was doing yoga asana, I could feel my body gradually. My brain is connected to a certain part of the body. When I listen to the philosophy of yoga, I think about my life and connect it with my life. I feel that yoga makes my body and mind happy, pure, without burden, no strange thoughts.

Future plans

To be honest, I am not ready to be a yoga teacher, because now I have just started and feel that I have a lot of deficiencies. After going back, I want to start teaching from my family. In the free time, organize some free yoga classes and share the benefits and knowledge that I have benefited with more people. Let’s start here.

thanks to…

My English is not very good. In the whole course, this part is rather regrettable and there is no more communication with the teacher. Thanks to my classmates who have been helping me so that I have a warm feeling in a foreign country. Thank you for your contribution. After going back, I hope that I can also be a warm, illuminating person. Thanks to all.