May our paths crossed again

Decided to do my last blog post few days before the final and last day of YTT, which also means that I will not be seeing my fellow yogis every weekend anymore.

Trying to spend some time to go through my revision and hopefully anxiety does not kick in on this sunday. Hopefully I can commit to myself and my practice daily, to set aside 30 minutes a day to notice how this commitment can enhanced my body, mind and soul.

To my fellows yogis, my 2 wonderful trainer, Master Sree and Master Paalu whom we are gonna part to our individual ways this sunday, may our paths crossed again sometime soon. It was a fruitful and enjoyable time through the 20 weekends with the 2 3 hours of physical practice, not forgetting the times we have to stay awake for theory.

Till then.

Spreading the love & knowledge

Through this 20 weekends of intensive YTT course, it has really broaden my horizon and mind. Certainly still unsure if I will be teaching, however there is a tingling thought behind my mind that tells me to do it. Perhaps is my chakras that is under spinning which is why I am feeling a slight anxiety whenever I think about conducting a class. Perhaps I am always thinking that my alignment and poses are not good enough. But it has been repeated many times through the entire course that Yoga is so much more about the physical practice. It is not only about the physical part but other aspects of life too which includes the mental and spiritual part.

It certainly is, because I’ve learn so much and there are many take aways besides the physical practice which I’ve mention in my previous blog post, that one of the thing I consciously does now is to always be mindful in everything I do.

One of the aim would at least to be able spread joy, love and knowledge about yoga to wherever I go. To share my practice and knowledge with the people around me, to teach them some simple postures that could benefit them. Yoga does not have to be the fanciful poses and pictures we are seeing in our facebook and instagram poses daily. It could be just be sitting yourself down for 5 to 10 mins every morning, be still & quiet, observing your own breaths and removing of all thoughts. Or simply just spending 15 minutes each day to practice sun salutation. Yoga can be many things.

Yoga is a way of life, it is part of a lifestyle. Hopefully my samsara will continue to keep me in this yoga community, to always spread love, knowledge and joy wherever I go.

“Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”

“May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”

More Sweat & Peace; Lesser Medications

Before I started going for yoga class regularly, I was often sick and each time I have to visit the Doctors to get my fixed. I found this being a perpetual problem to me and it actually hinders my lifestyle.

Finally when I made the decision to commit to going for regular practice, I found it as one of the remedy for me. It has gradually become part of my routine and I make sure to clock at least one class per week. I guessed it was also a form of self love, to make time for myself, just for my the body, mind and soul.

There were many times when I wonder why am I sitting silently for 5 minutes and just concentrating on breathing, inhale deeply, exhale slowly. Mind to be clear of everything, removal of thoughts, uninterrupted flow of the mind which is known as Dhyana. Slowly, some of the days I will be able to achieve that peace within me, the mind and the heart. Yet there were be days whereby my mind is filled with all sorts of things that I cannot seem to sit still and find silence and peace within me.

Yoga is an endless journey, where there is no end to what you can learn and achieve. I am curious to see how my journey with yoga will transcend into.

Till then.



Somehow, we meet again.

I was 19 and have been sickly and lethargic my whole life. I have always wanted to pick up something but never have the discipline and interest to follow through back then on anything I’ve embarked on until I found yoga.

I went for trial classes and felt fairly alright, I did hot yoga and it felt quite enjoyable for me. Then again, I did not have the financial capabilities to fund for classes. Yoga and I did not meet again until I left my job 5 years ago as a cabin crew and started a new career. Since then, I told myself to find something that I am interested and be committed in it. So the first thing that came to my mind was my long lost friend, yoga.

To be physically active on a weekly routine, I did not want any hassle. I found Yoga being a perfect fit as there was not much equipment needed. Perhaps 2 blocks and a strap? Just by being on the mat and sweating out on the mat that fits nicely for one human was a great idea. As far as I can remember, I had a good session the first time I was introduced to yoga. So, why not?

That was the time when we met again.

I joined my close friend at a yoga boutique for trial. My first class after many years, I still remember scrambling up and down, unable to follow the teacher’s cue and sequence, having to look at your neighbour to make sure I was following. Throughout the one hour class, my mind was only focus on getting in sequence and to be able to at least pace myself and follow through the class. Amazingly, for once, my mind was only focused on just one thing at that particular present moment, no other thoughts distracted and invaded me during that one hour I committed to myself. From then onwards, I started to make it a habit to attend classes for at least once a week. It was nothing about chasing poses for me. All I wanted at that point of time was to take my mind off everything. To follow and replicate what the teacher was teaching. Thus, after 9 months or so, I started to look for deeper meaning in yoga, I increased my practice to 2 to 3 times weekly and sometimes to 4. However, just by clocking in more classes has never satisfy or rather fulfil the curiosity in me. There was a lot of question marks in my head, I have been a confused regular in yoga. Of course I have surely become healthier, stronger and calmer after consistent practice for 2 years. I started seeing yoga in a new light only after being consistent. Even so, I wasn’t sure about my poses, my alignments and what’s the reason behind everything, for every pose what are the benefits, what does it do etc. Isn’t there something more behind all the physical practice? I was looking for answers but Google doesn’t give you the exact answer, everything was abstract. I was confused, what is hatha, what is asthanga etc. There were so many different variations of yoga. This confusion stayed with me for so long.

Finally, I was looking for somewhere that I could enhanced my own practice and to deepen my knowledge on the foundation and fundamentals, philosophical and spiritual aspects of Yoga. It has all along been a tingling thought but have never gotten down to action until one day I met Samantha for coffee. The topic came about and the next thing I know I was in for this together with her. 

Now, 4 weekends gone and dusted. No more anxieties tickling in. This has got to be the best decision and investment for myself this year. I guessed this is a part where my Samsara takes me to and hope it will follow through.