Yoga and You

Saga said: Yoga is the ability to direct the mind exclusively toward the object and sustain that direction without any distraction.

Janna Yoga
A practice dedicated to liberation through knowledge and wisdom involves both learnings via mind and beyond the mind. It includes studying texts, thinking about ideas, and ultimately developing personal understanding.

Karma Yoga
A path of doing good deeds

Kundalini yoga
Yoga of awareness focuses on meditation and on stimulation of the glandular and nervous system to heighten creative potential. It consists of simple poses, pranayama, mantra, music and meditation to teaching relaxation and self-healing.

Ashtanga vinyasa yoga
Synchronise with breathing method called ujjayi breath with a progressive series of postures, so the body produces heat and purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs.

One could start to practise one or many of the yoga to be better humankind.

-Jennifer Ho

Future and Yoga

We lost our true self and let the situation controlled our emotional in the 21-century with self-centred, lack of sympathetic world and an increase in depression in the sociality.

We can cultivate gifts and offer them to the world with yoga practice. To be happy and contented to what we have.

To live our life as an experiment, not afraid of failure and removing ego in the list and promotes self-control and firmness in the precepts.

To imprint the six keywords as a daily practice, Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate and Realise.

To the future of humanity

-Jennifer Ho

My present state of mind

To practise the five of the eight-limbed path as guidance for inner and external transformation in my life.

1) Yama – gives specific guidelines for dealing with my mind and interact with the world on an ethical and peaceful way.

2) Niyama – help me cultivate orderliness and cleanliness, contentment, commitment, self-study, and finally letting go fo the idea that I have control and surrendering to the universe.

3) Asana – describes how to be happy and peaceful in my body. The third limb focuses on poses that help me become more durable, flexible, and balanced. It benefits me emotionally and spiritually.

4) Pranayama – teaches how to control life force. Practice forcibly exhaling and then holding the breath to diminish obstacles to self-knowledge.

5) Pratyahara – demonstrates a way to withdraw the senses to achieve balance and peace.


-Jennifer Ho

My mindfulness journey

My destiny with yoga starts in the year 2014. I was introduced to a new yoga studio back then. I was impressed by the teaching and detailed learned. That is when I have fallen in love with yoga.

The enthusiasm in me drives to practise asana three times a week. The challenge on physically and pushing me mentally on each asana practise. After three months of practice, it reached my objective goal to fulfil each asana poses. However, I realised yoga is not only driving you into a physical challenge. It has exercises and strength my brain subconsciously.

Living in the material world, we tend to lead ourselves into the rat race of the sociality. Finding our way to improve our standard of living, climbing up to the corporate ladders, subconsciously we welcome all the unnecessary stress and tension not only to our body but feeding in our mind.

We are living in a society that leads to exhaustion. To meet other’s expectation, to be commonly accepted in the social pack. The time spent in the yoga studio is the moment of finding peace within. To declutter unnecessary thoughts, a moment to reflect how was your day and meditate while practising each asana.

My curiosity widens to exploring the yoga theory gave me an in-depth understanding. Well, it wasn’t a few day reading to expand my knowledge. It is the on-going process on downloading information, definition and perspective. With knowledge, it helps me to be mindfulness toward every aspect of life.

We are in the 21-century with self-centred, lack of sympathetic world: the increase of social media sharing of animal torturing videos, accidents, abuse videos play a part in the psychology problem. With an increase in depression in the sociality, forces us to cage our inner mind in frustration.

The goal of yoga is leading to ultimate freedom, enjoy the process to experience greater freedom as we discover more self-control, sensitivity, and awareness that permit us to live the life we inspire. To be decency, clean, honest human being; goodwill and fellowship; trust; self-reliance; joy in the fortune of others, and patience in the face of our misfortune.

We would learn to develop control over our actions in the external world. The journey continues with self-purification. That relates to our inner world and senses of perception and help us to develop self-discipline.

What is your yoga journey?


-Jennifer Ho