Corona and what we can do to prevent

As of now, there are tons of articlesm, advises, recommendations, fake and real news, euphimisms, and all kind of stuff.  How do we cut through this forest of information, get to the real stuff.  What are the things we can adopt, incorporate into our daily patterns and life’s convolusions so that we dont fall prey to one of the smallest of micro-organisms.

By now, its common knowledge, it affects the respiratory system starting from the throat down all the way to alveoli.  As such, what are the actions we can take to eliminate as well as keep our respiratory system strong, capable of eliminating these viruses which lurk on surfaces as well as in the air.

  1. Kriya (daily in  the morning without any consumption of food  – Kapalabhati, skull cleansing and strengthening our intercoastal, sub-coastal muscles and diaphragm. Passive inhalation and active exhalation – 200 pumps divided into 40 pumps over 5 rounds.
  2. Pranayama – Sama Vritti – Deep inhalation (10 secs)  and exhalation (20 secs) – 20 times
  3. Asanas – Sun Salutation 8 rounds facing the direction of Planet Saturn from where you are, Child pose, Cobra pose, Downward Dog pose – repeat this 12 times,   Camel pose, Cat and Cow pose, Extended Rabbit pose – repeat 8 times  (hold each pose for 6 breaths)
  4. Shoulderstand, Plough Pose, Fish pose, repeat 8 times (Hold each pose for 6 breaths)
  5. Finish off with Kapalabhati, 200 pumps.

I will do a video to show all these movements. Watch out for it.