My benefits from daily practice

There is only a couple of days to go before I complete my first 200 hours of YTT. I have noticed some changes in myself during the past almost 20 days…

-I am much more aware of the inhalation and exhalation of my breath and also the breathing of others around me and how that reflects their state of mind

-I have more patience with my children and I am able to pause before reacting thus making a better choice in my response

-I am thinking about what I really want instead of rushing through each day trying to crowd out any thoughts that may bring discomfort

-I am more considerate of what I am choosing to fuel my body and have drastically reduced my intake of sugar, processed foods and alcohol

-My posture has improved and my skin is clearer

I have absolutely benefited from doing yoga everyday for one month and I will endeavor to practice Sadhana to maintain the benefits that Yoga has given me…


Teaching our peers

This week of YTT has been the most challenging for me, we have begun to teach our peers. I understand that to complete a Yoga Teacher Training course this would undeniably be part of the requirements – I knew it was coming! It doesn’t make it any easier. I enrolled in the course to deepen my education in Yoga, to understand the 8 Limbs, Chakras and to build on my physical strength through Asanas. Having to stand up in front of a group of people has a way of making you feel incredibly vulnerable and makes you appreciate the art that a really good yoga teacher has mastered.

Starting out

Before starting my YTT I would attend Yoga classes when I could, sometimes twice a week other times once a month. It had been this way for at least 10 years.
I have always enjoyed the feeling of my body and mind after practice but never understood what it all meant and I never really progressed. Since starting the course I feel the veil surrounding the mysteries of yoga has been pulled across and I’m peaking in at another world. I have such a lot to learn about Yoga before our course concludes but I’m grateful for the opportunity to do so and for the patience and wisdom of my peers…