Why yoga?

Why yoga in my life?

I always wanted to learn yoga since small, maybe because I’m attracted to all different kinds of asanas performed. It’s kind a cool to see people doing all the extreme poses and I always wanted to be part of it. But my actually journey of yoga started when I fall into depression. I know my dark experience keep dragging me into it, and I keep fighting to come out of it….. I try to seek help from friends and family but no one seems to understand the situation that I was going through. I was lucky enough, when I found a mentor online who actually help direct my mind out of my mess, that is the moments in my life I realised all this while I was busy doing so much for other and I have done nothing for myself…

Then I decided, I’m going to start doing everything that I’m interested, and yoga was top on the list. I done a lot research online and finally I decided Tirisula is the best place for me. I was inspired by many Teachers here, including Sree, Evelyn and James. Today here I am attending my first yoga teacher training.

How yoga change my life?

Yoga always make me happy, even though I was tortured by my teachers in the class, it was a good torture I will say and it’s a good pain, I love it.My Teachers really help me a lot in improving my postures. My life got more focused on yoga and slowly I learn mediation too, it helps me focus in my daily life and definitely it helps in getting my way out of the depression and trauma that I have faced. I also found yoga can help to cure many health issues, and this become my strong WHY to choose yoga as my career in future.

I’m  not sure if I can be a good teacher, but I’m strong and dedicated in spreading the benefits of yoga to many others out there.

– Darshini Ramachandran



Bhakti Yoga

I come a across an article that was published in Himalayan Heritage magazine, it was an interesting article about Bhakti Yoga, so I thought of sharing it here…

Bhakti Yoga according to Sri Anandamayi Ma.

Bhakti Yoga is the beautiful, joyous and divinely revealed path that takes the human awareness from the suffering of ego created bondage to the freedom and bliss of Divine experience.

Bhakti Yoga uses the very elements within our human nature as tools for freeing ourself, love, longing, restlessness, and the desire for happiness and fulfillment by taking our focus off the small self of the ego created and focusing on a greater reality of a loving being who longs for our union, we move inward to source of our own consciousness.

Sri Anandamayi Ma stated a very important principle “ when you find God you find yourself, and when  you find yourself, you find God”.

Bhakti Yoga takes us to this experience of the ultimate love and truth.

– Darshini Ramachandran

Asana Abhyasa ( Asana practice)

According to the Vinyasa Krama teaching of the great Himalayan Yogi, Thirumalai Krishnamachary.

Asana Abhyasa also knwon as Asana practice is like a garland of rudraksha beads. The beads represent as asanas and the thread represent the vinyasa that connects one asana to another. Beads will be scattered around without the thread. Thread connects the beads so that it becomes a beautiful garland which benefits the owner incredibly.

So what we can learn from this? Practicing asanas with the flow of vinyasa makes the asanas become lively, majestic and practitioners earns maximum benefits from it.

– Darshini Ramachandran

The important of mantras in yoga practice

Tirisula was my very first yoga studio that I stepped in to learn yoga. The thing that amaze me the most as a beginner when I first here was the chanting of ‘om’ or mantras. Something attracts and connect me with those mantras as I felt I was at the right place to begin my journey in yoga.

So let’s see, why mantras is important in yoga practice?

Om is one of the mantras which is chanted at the start of a yoga class because it facilitates a connection between the self and the universe. The mantra is a unique collection of words where each word has it’s own power and significance. Together they work towards centering the brain and creating more space in the body, mind and spirit.

The chanting of mantras has been an intrinsic part of yoga and meditation in India, when you repeat a particular mantra, the vibrations of the sound influences our physiological and psychological being. On a deeper level, the sound of mantra attunes the vibrations of the mind with the cosmos.

– Darshini Ramachandran