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Healthy Food Intake Challenges

The human body requires a continuous supply of energy to perform its many function. The food we eat play a vital role in how we can perform while exercise. Eating a healthy diet that is varied, balanced and moderate can provide you with all the body needs without getting too

Sirsasana – Headstand

Other than practicing at studio and get adjusted and helps of teacher, you also need to have constant practices to get into the pose. You can’t see your body when you’re standing on your head, so you have to record a video to check on yourself and give your own

How to bring your loved ones into yoga world?

“I’m not flexible, I can’t do yoga”, “nah,I don’t think I can…..”; These responses were always what I got when I invite family members and friends to join yoga together. Yoga is always a misconception of you need to be flexible or thin, or it’s connected with religion. Yoga isn’t

Ahimsa towards Yourself

Ahimsa towards yourself Ahimsa, the first and foremost five Yama of Eight Limbs of Yoga. Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word meaning of “non-violence”, or in another words it means “absence of injuries”. Ahimsa is not only non-violence in the physical sense, but with your words and thoughts as well. It’s the