Thank you

Thank you Tirisula Yoga for existing and providing a safe space for us to grow ourselves physically and mentally (still need more work on spiritually). Being a second home for the past months, getting so used to locating the red door that opens to the smell of incense upon walking up the stairs, soft and comfortable carpets and cushions, the whirring sound from the metal fan and the one and only precious toilet for our BRBs (bathroom breaks).

Thank you Master Paalu and Sree for sharing your knowledge, experience and honesty. I, too, hope to inspire others like how you have inspired me us. Yes, the journey and learning has only just begun, exciting and interesting future lies ahead! Who knows what’s there to come.

Thank you my fellow course mates for the support and making this journey enjoyable. Let’s keep in contact! We’ll all do great for our assessment tomorrow 🙂 Fighting!!

Thank you myself for making the choice to embark on this journey, balancing with work and family. Pleasantly surprised that my body held up and not falling ill since July 2019. Also, pat on the back that I did not take as much Grab as I thought I would, taking 60-70 minutes journey from the west to the east and back each weekend. I guess the body knows when you are doing what you enjoy.

What kind of yoga teacher do you want to be?

I was asked by Master Paalu during our first teaching practice.

I couldn’t give a definite answer. This question ever crossed my mind but I didn’t have an answer yet. At my finger tips, I knew what type of yoga teacher I preferred, someone who

  • gives clear instructions
  • synchornises breathing with postures
  • gives encouragement
  • pushes us to break my mental & physical limit (without breaking the body)
  • provides adjustments
  • inserts a bit of fun

So for a start, who do I want to be?

I’m still searching. Are you?



Practising with Injuries

Having to do sports (competitive Badminton, Swimming, Tennis etc.) for most of my life, I’m fortunate that I have not suffered any major sports injuries. Besides the mystical elbow pain (undiagnosable) or suspected chondromalacia that caused me to limp for a few days. It is really hard to know or feel how does one practice with injuries.

Fortunate or unfortunate, I got a taste of it. Sustaining a strained left hamstring before the 5th YTT course day. Though I have no idea how and when did I get it. What I know for sure was that it was definitely not in my favour as YTT was still focusing on physically practice, training up strength, endurance & flexibility.

The strained hamstring affected how deep I could go into my forward bends and splits. Still recall that it was quite bad that during a practice I previously could do a full front split but even in a half split my leg was shaking uncontrollably. “Time to back off” says my body. It truly felt like taking baby steps again.

It got me thinking how I could modify to go into the posture or turning back time recalling how did I progress to where I am today. Lesser ego, more patience and love for my body was all it took. 

This reminded me to also show the same patience and love when I teach. Be mindful of any injuries that anyone may arrive with on the mat. Remember to ask “anyone has any injuries or medical conditions?” at the start of the class!

A commitment to myself

It’s been almost a decade since I first tried yoga. Reminiscing the days when I attended yoga classes once a week on Sunday mornings at a community centre, carrying my pink guardian yoga mat and wearing track pants with baggy tee shirt. Yoga was a recreational exercise to keep myself tone and moving, especially after leaving the education system when Physical Education was compulsory.

Though I was once encouraged by my very first yoga teacher to be trained in YTT, I always thought that I was not good enough yet to attend a YTT. Also, back then I was still a financially parent-dependent student so I didn’t give much thought about it.

With much reluctance, after a few years of progression from attending beginner to intermediate classes, I had to leave my very first yoga teacher. In search of a schedule that was flexible to accommodate to my shift work and perhaps to further my practice (of course, by now I have a pair of yoga pants from uniqlo, baggy tee was getting in the way during downward facing dog ).

Still I have always been grateful to my very first yoga teacher that have set my foundations right and helped me to gain awareness of my body parts, “round your back”, “engage your core”, “gaze to the ceiling”, “micro bend your knees” which sounds all so familiar still.

Having to try classes by different yoga teachers in different studios, I got confused. Should downward facing dog be with legs together or hip-width apart? Also, seeing many people around me in incorrect posture and at risk of injuring themselves, makes me want to help them. I guess that was when I wanted to attend a YTT myself and learn the right alignment and way of doing postures. So I gave myself some time to train up and set a goal to complete a YTT by 30 years old. Here I am giving myself a 29th birthday present of starting YTT. And I never looked back.