Looking back to day 1

In a blink of an eye, my YTT journey is coming to an end. I can still remember the very first day of me stepping into the small cozy studio on Norris Street, the very first time meeting Master Sree and my classmates. We embarked on this remarkable journey together on 6th July 2020. Every morning, waking up at 6am and forcing our half-asleep selves to eat our breakfast. Scanning the Safe-Entry QR code at the door. All these tiny actions that became our routine for the entire month.

Looking back to day 1, where we sat together in the room, practicing for three hours. We got to know each other better; our fears, habits, likes, and dislikes. From barely saying “Hi”, to helping each other practice teaching, these bits and pieces are definitely unforgettable.

Remember how we were unable to remember any Sanskrit, until now, where we are almost ready for our exams. Many poses were difficult for the group. Some of us are stiff, some are tight on some muscles. We may not be the most flexible bunch, but I believe our dedication to this training will only bring us further in the future. Only a few days away from the final exams, I can’t wait to see how much I have improved. There is so much more to learn. I am very thankful to have met my classmates and trainer, for helping me improve as a person and understand myself better.

There are days where we went to have lunch after morning practices, studying together on Zoom, collating notes together for exams. These bitter-sweet moments are what made us who we are today. 3 more days till the end of this training, we have so much more to learn, so much more to improve on. I am definitely very excited to graduate from the training but at the same time, I am not ready to leave this month-long routine behind.

I can’t wait to visit the studio in the future as a student, a teacher in training, and even a teacher in the future. I would love to pass the knowledge I picked up during the past 4 weeks to many more students in the future.

As we embark into the final week, we are definitely more flexible and less nervous when teaching. We can confidently correct each other’s poses and even sing in front of each other. I will definitely be implementing some of the Pranaya techniques in my daily life. And I can’t wait to learn more about Ayurveda! This is (almost) the end of my Yoga Teacher Training, but it is barely the start of my Yoga journey.

What to wear for your first yoga class

If you already have an active lifestyle, no doubt you have a closet full of yoga appropriate outfit. So no excuse for you to out there and splurge on the latest Lululemon Summer Collection!

The first piece of clothing on my list (for the ladies) is the sports bra. Besides supporting your girls, it is important to have a good coverage to avoid any unwanted attention. In terms of the support, you do not need crazy tight supports for you runners out there. Something with a medium support is perfect even for inversion.

Next up with have are the bottoms. I prefer wearing leggings to keep me free from loose fabric when I am in my poses. Find bottoms that you feel comfortable in. At the end of the day, it is your practice. One key point to note when buying leggings: the opaque test. Test out your tights and make sure nobody can see your flower printed panties when you are in downward dog!

Socks are optional but definitely go for grippy socks to avoid falling all over the place! If you prefer to wear a top over, just make sure that your movements are not restricted and the fitting is not too loose. It can get distracting trying to pull your shirt down when you are doing downward facing dog.

Ensure that your clothing are breathable! I love my hot yoga classes and the more breathable the fabric, the less likely it is for me to regret my choice of a hot class especially in a climate like Singapore’s.

You do not need to spend a few hundred dollars on a your yoga outfit. Affordable brands like Cotton On, Decathalon, and my go to online platform, Shoppee (check out Moving Peach) are great for fashionable and cute outfits.

One final tip: enjoy and have fun in yoga!

My go-to Sattvic breakfast as a Vata

A Vata is made up of the element of air. We Vatas are known to be free-spirited, energetic and can embrace changes easily. However, Vata personalities can also be forgetful, anxious, and often suffer with constipation and poor circulation.

Some of the Vata aggravating foods include frozen dessert (I love my ice cream!), junk food, alcohol, sugar and tea such as green tea. Vata can be counterbalanced with nutritive and tissue-building foods that are warm, moist, heavy, soft and oily, as well as foods with a sweet, sour and salty taste. Vata pacifying foods include soft dairy products, wheat, rice, corn and bananas.

With a Sattvic diet in mind, where the diet is mostly organic and vegetarian, an ideal meal for a Vata includes a glass of warm milk with a slice of bread topped with sliced banana and nut butter, topping off with a dash of cinnamon. This Sattvic breakfast plan is fast and easy, which is a perfect way to start a Vata’s morning!