Kid at Heart

Happiness can be defined and felt in many ways, it’s a different experience for everyone. More often than not, our happiness is short-lived, it goes as quickly as it comes, but we are always trying to get more of it.
As we grow older, it seems harder to gain happiness, the same things that made us happy when we were younger just doesn’t seem to work anymore. We keep searching for happiness in forms of material possessions without realizing how temporary that kind of happiness tends to be. We are never satisfied or content with what we have.
I, too, want happiness, I want to be happy and radiate happiness to the people around me. I once told myself “I hope as I grow older, I’ll still always be intrigued by the littlest of things.”
I used to be embarrassed because I felt that if something so little and mundane could spark some kind of interest in me, it would make me seem childish and naive. Just like a child, they find everything around them interesting, they don’t have ulterior motives nor do they care what others think.
Sree said that the key to being happy is to be like a child. As how a child would have no thoughts troubling them and no worries circling their brain every moment, children are professionals at living in the present moment. All they do is a reflection of what we do with and to them. If you smile, they smile back; if you laugh they laugh along;
Instead of constantly searching for happiness out there, tune in to yourself and try to find it within. Happiness is always with us, we just have too many things blocking and resisting it. Stay a kid at heart, and happiness will always be felt. Laugh more, smile more, try and remember what it was like being a kid with no worries. Try and always keep that kid within you, perhaps happiness isn’t that hard to achieve.


Change is the only constant in life.
I find so much truth in this particular phrase, we go through life every single day with change, sometimes it’s unnoticeable because of how subtle it may be.
As we are taught to self-reflect or as Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga calls it – Swadhyaya under the Niyamas component, you may start noticing the changes we go through daily.
It may be easier to notice physical changes as they are often more obvious like when the sky turns dark as the day ends; or when someone changes their hairstyle. Changes that are not so easily noticed may be someone’s personality, habits or thoughts.
These past few weeks have also brought on many changes. I’ve changed my sleeping pattern which went haywire due to the whole circuit breaker; my stamina has (hopefully) changed and become much better than it was before but beyond that, I feel like my whole way of thinking has changed. I’ve become more accepting of things in general as well, so I’d like to believe that I’d be able to accept change with more grace now.
I’m now a lot more conscious with my thoughts, I try to stay in the present as much. Whenever I feel like I’m having too many thoughts at once, I steady my breath and shift my focus towards it. I try to not let my thoughts consume me as I often would in the past. I’ve also slowly been learning to worry less about how others perceive me as I used to let the opinion of others take up too much of my headspace and energy.
These may be little changes but I guess it starts somewhere. I’m aware that there are many more things I need to change to become a better version of myself, and a lot more self-study to do because there’ll always be something to improve on. With the guide of Yoga, Yamas and Niyamas, I’m hopeful that whatever changes life throws at us, we’d be ready to accept and handle them better.

Simple Breakfast Idea

Smoothie Bowl

Changing our diet to a 100% sattvic one may seem tough and almost impossible, especially when we are living in a country with many tempting food choices.

However, that shouldn’t stop us from trying a have healthier diet overall.
Here is my go-to quick and simple breakfast idea:-



1. 1 cup frozen berries

2. 1 small banana (best frozen to get that creamy texture)

3. 1/2 cup milk of your choice (dairy free soy/almond/oat mylk if preferred)



1. Fruit of your choice (I’ve used apples/pears/blueberries but really, anything works 🙂 )

2. Chia seeds

3. Oats / Granola

*this recipe is very versatile and can’t go wrong, so it’s really up to your creativity and what is available at your home, I hope you’re able to find some inspiration through this post and happy experimenting! 😀






Yoga to Me

In  the beginning, Yoga was just a type of sport/physical activity to me.

I remember my first time in a yoga class several years ago and hating it because it was so “slow and boring”, now realizing it was actually a Yin class that I signed up for.

It was in ashtanga vinyasa classes that I found myself enjoying Yoga and how it made me feel; calmer, happier and just feeling more content.

For someone who grew up doing mostly cardio and group sports like track and field, basketball, volleyball and dodgeball, I enjoyed the new-found ‘intimacy’ in Yoga. I was able to for a moment, focus all my energy on just being present and listening to my own body telling me what felt right/wrong.

Now, instead of seeing it as just a type of physical activity and sport, it’s slowly becoming a way of self-love and self-discovery, a complete lifestyle of its own. I yearn to learn more and equip myself with more knowledge and skills about this whole new world I’ve just discovered and hopefully be able to share it with others one day.