How pranayamas are changing my life

Since I am a kid, I hear my mother telling me to deeply inhale when I am hurt. I noticed it worked at the time, but honestly, until I started yoga, I can tell I have never known how to breath.

Pranayamas are such powerful exercices, I feel days after days the benefits of doing daily breathing exercices. They bring one into another frequency, that can open up opportunities, people, and somehow, more mindfulness.

The good thing about pranayamas is that you can do them everywhere; in the MRT, before sleeping or while walking or simply in between two meetings.

For me, its releasing the tension when I am stressed, the tummy pain (I’m expecting a baby and it’s quite frequent to have tension and cramps at the end of the day), or even the pain when I am doing a difficult asana.

While I believe I am doing pretty good and I am quite regular with pranayamas, it is not a sadana just yet, so the next steps for me is to block 15minutes to do my couple of asanas but, most of all, alternate breathing.

to be continued…

Eating Sattvic

We all know the theory…. “A sattvic diet is a regimen that places emphasis on seasonal foods, fruits if one has no sugar problems, dairy products if the cow is fed and milked in the right conditions, nuts, seeds, oils, ripe vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and non-meat based proteins.” source google

Since I learned about the three gunas in food, in every meal, I try to analyse whats sattvic about my food, whats rajasic, and what’s tamasic.

I am gourmet and I always love a great cheat meal, but, by categorizing what I eat with gunas, without feeling guilty, I have just stepped into more awareness. As I progress into my mindfulness journey, I can see I am integrating more and more sattvic foods, and I will try to change the cooking style (slightly cooked or steamed) or I will make sure I add elements that are sattvic.

Explanation; I am craving for a big pasta meal –

option 1 I’ll force myself to eat some salad first before getting to the main (pastas), this will ease my hunger and ensure my meal has a little bit of sattvic.   option 2 Ill make the sauce myself using fresh tomatoes and slightly cooked spinach, minimizing the oil.

My journey is there today and this meal isn’t going to be perfect, but days after days, I know it will get closer to the goal


How yoga relieved my knee injury

Don’t laugh, its true!

I have been having this painful knee for the past two years, wearing a protection whenever I was working out. I haven’t really been able to cure it because I really like high stamina sports… tennis, kickboxing, running, bootcamp… name it! I basically try a new sport every other month.

But what I discovered since the start of YTT200 – mostly because I exclusively practice yoga – my knee pain is GONE !

I think its due to several things

  • limiting the impacts – but hey, you still jump in your vinyasa, don’t you?
  • Better pranayamas – it helps the overall circulation in the body

I am now questioning if all these sports that I am so found of are doing more harm than good… I guess I will need to try after the YTT200 – if the pain is back, I will limit them

Yoga & Pregnancy

Finding out you are pregnant is a great piece of news !

But very fast a lot of questions are coming; What should I be eating? When will I start gaining weight ? Can I keep exercising ? Shall I keep practicing yoga ? Will yoga help me or harm me ?

Here are my 2-cents on the subject as I am currently in my first trimester

Food – while you have a lot of cravings during your pregnancy, you still want to eat satvik as much as possible – avoid the snacks with too much salt and eat almonds when you are hungry. Eat frequently and nauseas are fading away

Yoga is definitely helping me to go through the disadvantages of the 1st trismester.

Thanks to practicing pranayamas several times per day, my belly is not so tense or painful at the end of the day. Usually you can find a lot of discomfort that can be as painful as constipation at the end of the day. Regular yoga practice really relieves that.

A strong and intense practice makes me feel so good and makes me forgetting all nauseas and tiredness. However, the rule of thumbs is the following; don’t do anything you were not doing before being pregnant.

If you were doing inversions, keep doing them but less time

If you were doing nice back bends, do them but maybe go less deeper…

Asanas need to be practiced very carefully – your limit today might not be the same as tomorrow so listen to yourself; if today you cannot do bakasana, then no worries maybe tomorrow you will… or in 9 months !

But the most important part where yoga (not just asanas, the whole thing) is helping me is the gratitude towards your body and towards your tiny baby. I spend time to fully relax, use what I learnt in yoga (pranyamas, concentrations) to connect with my baby & send him happy vibes and kindness. A baby as small as it is need the best of you and I think yoga can bring out the best in every person.