Aum Salutations to Narayana

The Sri Vishnu Sahasranam

The Thousand Names of Vishnu


Sloka 1

Nama 1: vishvam / a) Universe or Cause of Universe b) One who is full in all respects. Om visvaya namah.
2. Vishnu: – a) One who permeates everything, is inside every sentient and non-sentient being. b) One who surrounds everything. Om vishnave namah.
3: vashatkara / One who controls and directs (not merely pervades).
4: bhuta-bhavya-bhavat-prabhu: The Master of all things past, future, and present. Nirukti – trikAla vartinAm seshi – The Lord of all things that exist in the past, present, and future.
5: bhuta-krit / The creator of all beings.
6 : bhuta-bhrt / The supporter of all things. Bhutani bibharti iti bhuta-bhrt – One who supports all. (seems to be further elaborated by namas 8 and 9)
7: bhavah / He who exists with all the splendor. He who exists always, independent of anything else.
8: bhutatma / The AtmA or soul of all beings – sarvesham bhutanam atma
9: bhuta-bhavanah / One who nourishes and nurtures all beings that He created.
Sloka 2

10: Putatma /  The Pure Self – One who is untainted by the effects of karma – good or bad. Puta Atma yasya sa putatma – One who has the pure Atma is pUtAtmA.
11: paramatma / The Supreme Soul – for whom there is no other guiding or superior soul
12: muktanam parama gatih / One who is the ultimate goal for all muktas or Released or Liberated Souls.
13: avyayah / a) One who does not send back anyone who has reached Him (to the cycle of birth and rebirth .(Sri Bhattar) b) Indestructible (Sri Sankara)
14: purushah / a) One who bestows on the Muktas the enjoyment of the Bliss of Himself in plenty.- puru sanoti iti purushah. b) One who is reclining in this body – puri sete iti purushah. c) One who existed before anything else existed – purA AsIt iti purushah. d) One who completes and fulfills existence everywhere – pUrayati iti purushah
15: sakshi / One who directly witnesses everything .as it is. , The All-Knower, The Omniscient
16:kshetrajnah / One who knows, and can lead, the muktas to the exact place where the muktas will get their sought-after Supreme Bliss.
17: akshara / One whose greatness never diminishes over time in spite of being enjoyed by the miktas constantly. na ksharati iti aksharah .

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