Aum Salutations to God Vasudeva

1. Aum the Universe, the cause of the universe, Brahman, Omkara, The All-pervading, the Recipient of offerings in sacrifice, the Lord of the Past, Future and Present, the Creator of beings, the Sustainer of Beings, the Absolute Existence, the Self of Beings and the Originator (or generator of beings).
2. The Pure Self, the Supreme Self, the Supreme ultimate goal of the liberated, the Immutable (unchanging), the Spirit (who exists in the body), the Direct witness to everything (with no intervening medium), the Knower of the field (the body) and the Undecaying one.
3. The Union (of the body with Paramatma), the Leader of those who know yoga, the Lord of both prakriti (primordial nature) and the individual self (Purusha or the jivatma), the One with the body having the features of both man and lion, the One who has Lakshimi eternally (embedded in his chest), He whose hairs are handsome (or who has under His control the trimurthis – Brahma, Vishnu ans Shiva) and the Highest of Spirits.

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