Attach but Detach! Lesson I learned from Raja yoga

Raja means King. According to what my teacher said in our yoga philosophy class, you enjoy all the nice things the world provides you but at the same time you are able to be detached from them as well, which means you shouldn’t feel discomfort or unhappiness when the attachment is gone.


It’s quite tough especially these days where we live such an affluent society. The more you have, the more you want to possess and tend to obsess with them and it’s getting difficult to be free from it.


Looking back myself I found myself being obsessed with quite many things already.

As we all do wherever i go i bring my cell phone with me. Just for a short workout, when i go to sleep or even for toilet. I guess I am already deeply addicted to the joy that cell phone brings to me.


But when we talk about obsession, there isn’t only material obsession but also mental obsession.

Since I left Korea I have felt loneliness always. Korea where all my family and friends are living.

If there are only happy and good events in our life that’ll be wonderful but life isn’t like that as we all know.

When I walked through difficult times of my life I had the feeling that I have nobody around me, I am all alone on this earth. I was lonely and unhappy. I guess I was obsessed with the relationships with my people and the comfort these relationships brought.


But my teacher Sree said these are also attachment that we should be detached. If we are with someone who you love and feels good together, that’s good, Wonderful! But even if we aren’t that doesn’t mean that we should feel bad or sad.

Even if we aren’t with other people around us we should still make ourselves happy.


Of course to reach that point I need a lot of effort and practice but the philosophy of the Raja yoga threw the questions that I hadn’t even thought about.


Living without obsession. Living detached. When all things around us are gone still staying happy and calm.


Even after yoga TTC is over, I will keep trying to implement this philosophy to my life so that I don’t feel miserable of my life and live a happy life regardless of material or mental attachment.