Asanas for Scoliosis

Asanas for Scoliosis
For people with scoliosis it is important to both be flexible and strong in the muscles that support the spine.
Here are some suggestion of asanas that are good for scoliosis.
Standing poses – Trikonasana
Because of the scoliosis it is recommended to stretch different from side to side depending of the curve of you scoliosis.When stretching toward the side of the concavity, emphasize lengthening the spine to open up the compressed ribs on the underside of the body and decrease the protrusion of the ribs on the opposite side. When stretching to the convex side, emphasize twisting to create more evenness on the sides of the back.
Backbends- Shalabhasana
Shalabhasana II1
This backbend is very good for scoliosis, because it strengthens the erector spinae muscles and the hamstring muscles of the legs. This strengthening helps to ensure adequate support of the spinal column in all back bending poses.
Invertions – Sarvangasana
A person with scoliosis can feel uneven pressure in the spine. Invertions can create a freedom in you body to experience alignment without the gravity. Shoulderstand also releases the chronic tension in the neck and shoulders so common among people with scoliosis.
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