Asana: Matsyasana

When I was first taught to do Matsyasana, I didn’t like it, I felt that my neck was constricted and my breathing was compromised. This familiar feelings felt exactly like how it was whenever I am asked to do something challenging for the first time. I tried to rush through it, thinking that completion is the ultimate goal, without figuring out the best way to do it, or even the steps to do it. In the end, I finish my tasks with regrets and all the “if” I have the opportunity to do it again.
However as time goes by with more practice and guidance from teachers, I learnt the proper techniques to get into Matsyasana. Now it is one of my favorite pose as it allows me to open up my chest(my heart). I feel light and completely ready to receive all the goodness that is waiting for me. Enjoy the pose with a big happy smile and make a fish face while you are at it.
Poh Ru
YTT Weekday July 15

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