Asana. Map to find the vibrant treasure within us.

Yoga have become a new trend as a sport activity nowadays. It is good to have more people involve in this activity, but most people have a wrong understanding on it.  They equalize Yoga as Asana, Asana as an exercise. So what Asana really is? Why are we spending so much time to stretching and working so hard on the mat?

Asana is a effortless and comfortable posture.

Asana is like a map for us to find a way to reach toward the main route that lead us to the precious vibrant treasure within us. It is like a map for us to discover ourself, to reach to different part of our energy field, to check the nadis in our body, to make sure they are out of blockage and the prana is flow smoothly. When the nadis are purify and become homeostasis, the sushumna nadi and kundalini shakti will be awaken, and the door for higher spiritual practices is open.

The main purposes for practicing asanas are to regulate and purify our nadis, to open up our chakra, to strengthen our body and to free our body form toxin. It gives us a good foundation for a safe higher spiritual practice. When the prana, physical and mental, in our body become homeostasis, the kundalini shakti and sushumna nadi in our body will be awaken. Only the sushumna nadi flow then it can be said that it is a successful meditation. 

Prana, is the vital energy that pervades in our body and they have their specific route of channeling, Nadis. Prana play an important part of all our body cellular activity. If there is any nadis blocked, it will cause imbalance in our body. The muscle of the blocked area will become stiff, the toxin will accumulate, and the cells or organs that link with it will malnourish, and eventually become disorder or diseased. The body will sign us this by pain or knot on the muscle. By practicing asana, it will help us to eliminate the knot and purify the nadis. Our mental and physical are interrelated. When our mind is tension, it will create a corresponding knot in our physical body too. Asana is eliminating our tension in mind by dealing with it from the physical body. When the prana flow, it will flush the toxin out and purify our body.

The major key for a successful asana practice is not only precision, but it including our attentiveness and the sensitivity we have with our body. To be guided within. The movement, breathing and conscious have to become one.  

Let’s start working on the mat. Be discipline.




Bee Sin

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