Asana – live in the present

Like many people I initially started yoga to find a way to release the stress from work. When I am on the yoga mat after work, I did not have to think of anything but solely focus on my own body and movement. I felt the time has been stopped whenever I am in the studio, during 1 hour practice in the studio room I did not have to look at the watch and I did not have to be chased by anything. Yoga was like one of the means of escape from work.
Since I started YTT, I have been exploring a new world of Yoga. Despite of the fact that I have struggled a lot for the first 3 weeks with enormous Asana practice I have never had in myself, the past 2 months of Asana practice taught me one important lesson – live in the present. I might have already practiced this when I went to yoga studio to forget everything happened at work and only focused on the yoga practice, but that was it. I was still distracted by other students who were better than I am, I was again looking at myself from outside. As I started to practice yoga on my own regularly, I could feel the progress of my practice every day and the more practice the more I have become stronger. When I finally got into the head stands and other arm balance poses, I felt the strength that I never thought I had before.
I still have a moment that I feel like escape to the yoga studio sometimes, but my motivation for yoga practice has been completely changed. If I had practiced yoga to heal my soul from the stress, now I am doing yoga to feel the confidence in myself through the stronger body than ever. I no longer compare myself to someone else, because I know my practice will progress on my own pace and it naturally happens when my body and minds flow together.
200hr weekend YTT

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