Asana Calm me down

Once upon a time there was a woman who had a wonderfull daughter and a great loving husband. But this woman so bad tempered and easily panic in every situation. She wanted every thing to be perfect. If there is something went wrong she will shout, angry or cry even. She looks so unhappy. And she become more unhappy when she rellize that she already made everyone around her, who loves her, also unhappy.
One day she determain to stop at one of small yoga studio. Next day she tried one class. She feel exhausted after the class. but she start to smile and hit the road with different feeling. The feeling that she tought, she can recall that she ever have it before. And this is just like dejavu for her. A sweet dejavu.
Once she reach at home she have the energy to prepared a nice meal. She plan everything for that evening for her family. She dress up and wait for her husband with full charge battery smile for the dinner. Her daughter so cheerfull and ask for more and more hugs on that day.i And when her husband back from work, they sit down and talk and share about their day. In an exciting way she talked about yoga and tell her husband that she will never stop doing yoga.
She really  feels by doing the Asanas it really help her and calm her. Energize her day and built her long lost confidance. She was diagnose with depression and anxiety. But lucky she found yoga and trough asana believe it or not, she found her center slowly.  She become more calm and aware and grounded. For all of the love that she got for her family yoga is her choice.
may be a lot other choicees of excercise that available out there. And may be every excercises will give the same effect for depression and anxiety. This is just may be, but for now and for what i have been trough Asana in yoga help me to relax and bring my energy flow to the right direction again and help me to find my center and balance me.
During doing the asanas it helps me to learn how to focus. observing my self in so many ways. Letting go and relax, not being so hard to my self. Appreciating what is around me and share  more love to everyone that i met during the days anywhere and anytime.
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