Asana benefits

Asanas are designed to promote a state of mental and physical well-being, or good health. this may be defined as the condition that is experienced when all the organs function efficiently under the intelligent control of the mind. Asanas have an extraordinary capacity to overhaul, rejuvenate, and bring the entire system into a state of balance. Although they are performed by the physical body, asanas also have profound effects on the astral body.

Following are some benefits of practicing Asanas:


It is often said that ” You are as young as your spine”. Asanas initially focus on increasing and maintaining flexibility of the spine, toning and rejuvenating the nervous system. The gentle stretching, twisting, and bending movements bring flexibility to the other joints and muscles of the body, as well as massaging the glands and organs. Circulation is also improved, ensuring a rich supply of nutrients and oxigen to all the cells of the body.


Steady postures free the mind from disturbances caused by physical movement, promoting steadiness of mind, balancing the emotions, and improving your outlook on life.


Asanas work in much the same way as acupuncture or shiatsu, but the Yogic system of pranic balancing is more subtle. To gain the benefit, we must practice asanas regularly over a period of time, but once you feel the benefits, they will last longer. The different poses put pressure on various points, purifying and strengthening the nadis.

Yoga may be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, sex, or physical ability. It will enhance our studies, reduce stress and help you to enjoy your free time. However, if a person suffer from any specific medical condition, it is best to check with doctor before taking up asana practice. Yoga should not be seen as a substiutute for a medical prescription.

Well, i’m a bit wonder..after having some intensive practiced for the last 2 weeks, I realize that my back spine are very-very stiff!! 🙁 is that mean that my physical body is aging badly?? or that I just need more practice in strengthening my back? which i realize have been an obstacle of me while trying to do all the back bending postures and the inversions. Thank God, as my master teachers said ” it can be fixed, as long as you practice on strengthening your back!”. Now, it’s my new goal to get my spine to be more flexible!!


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