Asana and ME

Girls who fall in love with yoga know its beauty.

All the movements of yoga are beautiful, and continuous exercise can make the body curve prominently, healthy, and beautiful.

I often feel that my body is very stiff and I can’t do many movements, but the advantage of yoga practice is that even people with stiff bodies can start right away once they have the idea of practicing yoga, even if they don’t have a perfect yoga asana. I believe that the process of hard work and attentive practice, it can also stimulate the relevant parts of the body to exercise the body, tighten the body, and lose weight. In other words, as long as you push yourself and reach the limit of your body, it will be effective, and there is no need to compare with others. After all, everyone’s physique is different. People who are stiff should not be afraid of yoga, the stiffer you are, the more you should practice. If you try your best to reach your limit, result you get will be rewarding.

Do you observe yourself closely the mirror naked. Look at your body and try to talk to the muscles of the body. It will be amazing, they will all listen to you, give it a try.

After class, we must fully understand the various parts of the body, understand the usefulness and function of the various structures of the body, and how to protect and correct it through exercise. For example, when some people stand and walk anterior pelvic tilt will cause lumbar pressure, which will cause back pain over time. Another example is the rectus femoris, which is one of the quadriceps. It is in the middle of the front of the thigh. It is responsible for knee extension and hip and thigh flexion. It is the main muscle that can bend the buttocks.
The structure of our bodies is very complex and amazing. 

All body movement is produced from the joint by muscle. Yoga exercises can be used to understand and use it, which will benefit both the body and mind, as well as beauty.

If you persist, there is nothing you can’t do. Just like yoga asanas, it was difficult at first and seemed out of reach, but then it was done. Allow yourself to enjoy the experience of yoga as you feel the satisfaction it brings.