Which Asana?

My favorite pose is Jathara Parivartaranasana, AKA, reclining twist. If you do not know this, google NOW. See if you agree?
Recalling the most awesome moment when the “sadist” decided to let the “masochist” go into savasana after the last tormenting holding in navasana. Shortly after, the “sadist” instructs the “masochist” to go into Jathara Parivartaransana (seriously too long a name), and you start hearing the cracking of the spines, especially. your. own. The best feeling ever.

By the way, I’m joking about the “terms”, so don’t take it too seriously.

Google will tell you this:
The benefits
• Makes the spine and the back muscles flexible.
• Relaxes and widens the shoulders, hips and chest by mobilizing the sacrum and pelvis.
• Supports the parasympathetic nervous system and the relaxation response.
• Dissolves negativities such as stress, anxiety and tension by calming the mind.
• Enhances bowel function and the digestion process.

But Google might not tell you this:
Apparently, there is more to this pose. I remembered going to this particular yoga class doing the same reclining twist after a good long hour of yoga practice. The teacher walked to me and placed one of her feet at my extended ankle and told me to try to close my legs back together whilst pushing against her placed feet. It was the most peculiar feeling. I could hardly recall which muscle I engaged (because no one else did it to me anymore…) but it was an even deeper stretch, something that I did not imagine this pose could give.

Also, if you place the extended feet at a higher or a lower angle, there will be a different stretch to a different part of the spine.

So, if you havent been paying attention to this pose, maybe the next time when you do this, you want to might explore about it..

Huang Weiling