The Art of Teaching

How many times did you feel happy and grateful after a nice class? How many times did you said I’ll never come back to this place? I can say in my experience there were fewer classes that I’ll love to come back than the ones I prefer to forget.

It doesn’t matter the location, if it’s a nice Yoga studio, someones house or a gym. I think what made that classes memorable was the teacher. That’s for me the most important thing when I attend a class. When I feel the teacher is good, it keeps drawing me to their classes. 

I felt this way with only 2 teachers in Singapore, and funny enough both of them did their training at Tirisula. Now it’s my turn to follow their steps and raise the bar =)

Having this in mind puts a lot of pressure on me now. I know what I like and what I do enjoy during their classes, so I’ve started very very slowly to replicate that on my style of teaching. Watching my friends teach also benefits me a lot, I can compare ours styles and define mine even more. It’s like a mirror, I learn from the different reflections.

I realized that YTT 200hrs is a very good foundation, but for me it’s just the beginning of this new journey. To be a great teacher you need to research many things that maybe are not that related to Yoga but when you put them together makes a difference in your class. 

I’m starting step by step to create my own style, including all these little things I like from their classes. My intention is that after the class the students feel happy and relax about the class and they feel drawn to come back.

Even thought when I started the course I was doing it for myself, now I’m looking forward to teach and create great experiences for others.


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