About half a year ago, I went to Redang island (Malaysia) with my family. We stayed in The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, and this hotel was filled with aroma fragrance every time and everywhere even though the public areas, such as reception and restaurant, were wide-open and not surrounded by walls. I was totally enticed with the atmosphere where we can relax and be refreshed by the fragrance of aroma. At the aroma shop in the hotel, I bought a complete set of aroma with the advice from the clerk, and am enjoying it everyday.
As I research more about aroma, I come to know it is really a profound world. Aroma has a lot of varieties according to each symptom and purpose. This time, I particularly looked into and summarized with my some notes of TTC classes about the effects of aroma when it is used in yoga.
By controlling the breath, yoga controls the autonomic nervous system.
The autonomic nervous system is a function of the body that can not be controlled by ourselves but only breathing can be controlled.
Autonomic nervous system has two types of nervous, sympathetic (relax) and parasympathetic (tension). The deep breathing is to advance the parasympathetic, leading the mind and body to be relaxed.
The parasympathetic is advanced when we do deep breathing, but in yoga, since we keep moving the body while breathing, parasympathetic does not completely become advantageous.
Although all the yoga classes are programmed to the end that parasympathetic becomes dominant in Shabasana, depending on the style of yoga, sympathetic becomes dominant in some classes, and parasympathetic becomes predominant in the others.
In addition, pause can make difference. Sympathetic becomes advantageous in breath exhale, and parasympathetic becomes advantageous in breath inhale. By controlling the breath, yoga fixes the autonomic nervous system.
Effect of yoga is not the only on the autonomic nervous system. By moving the body in various ways to fit to the deep breathing, blood circulation is improved and the body is heated, then circulation of the body will become better as hitch are eliminated. Stiffness and cold, constipation etc. is going to be solved as well.
By improving blood circulation, fresh oxygen and nutrients are spread to every end of the body, metabolism is activated, and the secretion of hormones is optimized. It makes us to perform full advantages of the body which are originally equipped.
Efficacy of aroma has three routes.
No1: Aromatherapy route encourages an electrical signal to the brain through the nose.
No2: Route to the lungs from the nose, and lung cell to blood then to the whole body around.
No3: The routes from the skin (dermal) to blood over to whole body in aroma massage.
Both no.1and 2 are included in aroma-yoga, but especially no.1, approach to the brain from the nose, is the main in aroma-yoga.
Aroma fragrance enters through the nose then converted into electrical signal and transmitted to the brain. In the brain, it reaches out directly to the part of the cerebral limbic system. The cerebral limbic system contains instinct, emotional (emotions) and hippocampus, which control the memory. The electrical signals of the fragrance closely linked with such parts. The reason that the fragrance of memories is linked to the memories of what happened at that time is because of this.
Aroma reaches to the part which controls emotion and instinct in cerebral limbic system, and to the hypothalamus which controls the cerebral limbic system through the autonomic nerves. That is why aroma can be used to help refreshing and relaxing.
200TTC Jul-Oct 2013 weekend

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