Are 200 hours enough to make you a YOGA TEACHER?

A batch of “YOGA TEACHERS” will be Christian soon after going through 200 hours of intense training daily. Would 200 hours be enough to make you a good yoga teacher?

Let’s take a step back to analyze this. What makes a teacher a teacher? (With all due respect to the teachers out there) In my humble opinion, anyone can be a teacher. Just pay the course fees, attend the lessons be it theory or practical and when you pass, you are certified as a teacher. However, what makes a teacher, a real teacher? A Real teacher needs to learn the knowledge and skills needed for that course and he or she must be able to share this knowledge to the students in a way that the students enjoy learning and also understand what the teacher is talking about. Have you gone to a class and at the end of it you realize you do not remember what was being taught but it was a damn awesome class? Have you gone for a class that could be so structured and notes are taken, and you understood what the teacher is trying to “teach” but your mind wonders to what you going to have for lunch and what movie to watch on Netflix later, etc? Every “teacher” delivers the lesson plan in their own unique ways. The skill to be able to pass on the knowledge in a structured way and at the same time captivating the students to want to know more about the subject being taught is deemed a perfect teacher.

However, there will always be two sides to a coin. What about the students being taught? What makes a student a good student? One that is willing to learn and also willing to be taught?

200 hours training to be a yoga teacher is definitely not enough. It’s just touching the tip of the iceberg. There are so much more to learn and to understand, but we only have that 24 hours a day. The knowledge that is being taught is more of survival skills needed to be a yoga teacher. It does not make you a good yoga teacher. Some of us are gifted in the way we can deliver speech and lessons, some of us are gifted in a way to interact with the students, some of us are gifted to be able to control the crowd and gather the sheep, some of us are gifted to absorb all the knowledge being taught but cannot deliver it back to students. Too many factors will make or break you as a yoga teacher. An example would be getting a master’s degree in business and finance does not necessarily make you a millionaire. The knowledge that we learn, we will need to be able to transfer it to the students or it will just be knowledge for self -improvement.

It’s a journey that never ends. We just have to keep learning new knowledge even after the 200 hours course to improve our own understanding of the true meaning of being a YOGI. In the meantime, we will share our experiences with others that are interested to learn and we call ourselves yoga teachers.