Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Lord of the Fish Pose)

When I was first get into yoga practice, my favourite pose is twisted pose. I was having hunchback problem back then and it caused me backache. My back felt so good after doing this pose especially after the instructor helped me to twist deeper and opened my chest and shoulders.
How to get into this pose:

  • Sit on the floor in Dandasana.
  • Bend both legs at the knee with feet on the floor. Slide the left foot below right leg to the outside of the right hip. Then lift the right leg and place the right foot by the outer side of the left thigh on the floor.
  • With an inhalation, raise the left arm up, elongate the spine and lean slightly backward.
  • Exhale, twist to the trunk to the right and place the triceps of the left arm on the outer part of the right thigh.
  • Place the right hand behind the sacrum for support but do not let the body lean backward. Instead, we should move the trunk forward to close the gap between the left armpit and right knee.
  • To twist deeply, we have to first lengthen our spine, making space between vertebrae. Then, with an exhalation, we can start to twist deeper. Gazing over the left shoulder will help to twist deeper too.


  • Increases flexibility of the spine
  • Relieve backache
  • Stretches the gluteals and the iliotibial band
  • Tones the abdominal muscles, especially obliques
  • Strenghten the deep muscles of the rector spinae group
  • Massages the abdominal organs like the intestines, stimulate peristalsis
  • Compresses the abdomen, releasing unwanted gases
  • Tones and massages the liver and pancreas
  • Stretches the kidneys
  • Keep the spine healthy by squeezing and rehydrating the spongy disks between the vertebrae, which tend to get compressed with age.

Contraindications:  Pregnancy, instability of spine
She Hui (200hr YTTC Weekend)

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