Recently, I have read an article called ‘Living With Less. A lot Less.” by Graham Hill. It makes me ponder a lot in life whether do we really need most of the things we possessed.
Aparigraha is the concept of non-possessiveness, non-grasping or non-greediness in part of the eight limbs. Very often we have attachment on the things we own or wanting to own. Some questions to me after reading the article was, “Do I need to have this or that?”, “What if I do not have it?”, “What difference would it cost in my life without it?”
Many of a time we are so used to possessing things and holding on to it a little too tightly. We have fears of losing, feeling afraid and insecure, and may feel a need to cling on to or worst, to have the need to control.
Instead of letting these insignificant things to obstruct my practice, I am learning to let it go and be positive. Possessions take up space and energy whether it is in your home or mind. I started with giving away, selling or throwing things that I do not need. I tried to stick by the rules of letting go something old when I decided to have something new. By letting go of the past then you can live more fully in the present.
There are many ways of letting go. Practicing of asanas and meditation are one of the methods. Sometimes we try so hard to be perfect but often we miss the essence of the practice. The goal of practice is to be kind to ourselves and to let go physically, mentally and emotionally and to stay open to guidance from within so as to nurture a better self.
Through aparigraha, it is a way of reflecting on our own life. Even without the material things that I possessed in the past, I feel a sense of lightness from within. I feel less burden and happier than to cling on the things and feelings I do not need. Asanas and meditations helped me in focusing on my goals, clarity of my mind and generosity in life.
I could not have been happier ever since.
Brandy Yang
200 Hrs YTT 2015

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