Anti Aging (sofie)

Turning 40 last year, I can suddenly see changes! My skin is day-by-day getting drier and the wrinkles are getting even deeper.
What to do? I would never choose Botox! I have always preferred to eat healthy food, drink water, sleep and exercise, but I am anxious, that I need something “extra”.
First week in Arab Street I found that something “extra”! We were training headstands and I have never done headstands and never imagined, that I would be able to do headstands.
During a lesson two comments suddenly caught my full attention. “The next pose is anti aging“ and “It is challenging, but if you listen very closely, you will be able to do it in the first go”. I used all my energy to stay super duper focussed and was listening very carefully. Head down, interlace the fingers, place elbows, shift weight onto the shoulders, raise the legs and …. I was standing. I was feeling amazing and the first thing I did when I came home was to show it to my kids.
I truly felt like a happy little girl and I can wait for the wrinkles to disappear!

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