Anatomy in yoga – tough!

I had never studied any anatomy themes, especially anatomy for yoga before I joined 200 hr YTT course. Although I had bought a popular yoga anatomy book to read before taking in the course, when I read it, it was just like a bible to me. I didn’t understand so many things in the book.

Throughout the course, we were taught about anatomy in yoga practice and it is a very useful foundation, basic knowledge for me to get deeper view about anatomy in yoga. I think the knowledge is very useful in practicing and teaching yoga.

Understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy their movements can enhance our awareness in yoga practice and teaching in order to project and prevent any injuries to yourself and students as well.

In case a student has a specific condition in spine, how we could recognize it and modify a pose to make it more beneficial to this student? What poses are more suitable to a specific tightness or weakness muscle? One more point that I would love to learn more about anatomy in yoga is that it is helpful in doing effective adjustments on students.

It’s not easy to learn and understand the complicated machine of human-beings, then try more!


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