anatomy: Uddiyana Bandha

For people who are suffering from constipation and indigestion, Uddiyana Bandha may be the answer. I am a chronic sufferer from constipation and when I learnt this wonderful technique, I felt that this was heaven sent. Since then I have been practising it every morning and I know that I am feeling the effect slowly but surely and hopefully one day I will not have to rely on taking senna tea ever.
To do Uddiyana Bandha air must be forcefully exhaled completely. Then tightening the pelvic muscles, ‘pull’ it to the navel and together with the intestines, draw them upwards, thereby resting the abdomen against the back of the body in the thoracic cavity. Hold this position for as long as possible. This position may be easier to attain if the body is bend slightly forward. Do not inhale while in this position. Do this exercise in the morning before imbibing any food.
This exercise massages the abdominal viscera, simulating blood circulation, massages the digestive tracts thus improving digestion, purifying the digestive tract of toxins, strengthens the abdominal muscles, the diaphragm is also strengthened resulting in deeper inhalation and exhalation. Since the pelvic muscles are also involved this may aid those suffering from incontinence due to childbirth or illnesses.
Keeping the digestive tract healthy is vital to our overall wellbeing. Whatever enters our system must be expelled. To those whose indigestive tracts are healthy defecation is as natural as breathing but for those of us suffering from constipation, this is an ‘A-Ha’ moment. I am so thankful for Uddiyana Bandha and will practise this on a daily basis till I can free myself from artificial stimulants.

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