Anatomy (Tapping into Muscular Engagement and Memory)

The Anatomy as a universe of knowledge – weeks passed by quickly at the blink of an eye in a steady learning progress – a particularly interesting topic, the muscular and skeletal system – understanding the basic concept behind muscular engagement & muscle memory. 2 years in the practice and very little did I know I have mostly been compromising my wrists for handstand and other arm balancing poses.

The saddle joint is like a mystery box that opens and adds to my knowledge – which has proven efficient, helping me on the focus, balance and ease in getting into the poses. I used to rely heavily on my joints and lock my knees while standing, my elbows when practicing, not knowing the long-term risk/impact on hyperextended knees and elbows.

I was really grateful to have been enlightened that while on mat, we practice mindfully using muscular engagement/memory which focuses on working the muscles instead of joints, that, while off mat, we walk and stand while “microbending “ , all to avoid leading to poor bones as we age. All these habits have recently been cut down as of late. The teacher’s reminder stays in the student’s heart!

Terence~ Jan 17 YTT

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