Human Anatomy Organs

My grandma is 87 years old. Couple years ago, She has heart attack and she was admitted to hospital. She went for heart scanning. The doctor advice her to go surgery immediately. My grandma undergo bypass. I am worried she passed away. I am very glad her operation is successful. I visited my grandma next day and she told me she was scared and feeling cold in the operation theater. She can discharge from hospital couple of weeks times. After discharge from hospital, she rest at home. I received a phone call 1 week after she discharge from hospital from my aunt. I rushed to hospital to wait outside the operation theater. Doctor said her heart is not good. The doctor removed the fats from her heart.
My grandma went back to the same doctor. The doctor examine the whole part of her body again. After her operation ends, The doctor advice her not to eat oily food. She only eat solid food and exercise frequently. After few days, she can walk and eat by herself. She is progressing well. She don’t dare to eat anything. It was blessing for my grandma. After she discharged from hospital, she stay with her aunt.
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Debbie Wee
27th May 2015

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