Anatomy of The Heart

We all know the things that make our heart skips a beat; first loves, horror movies, close encounters good or bad. And we all have an idea of what kind of things make our heart stops forever: cigarettes, extensive gastronomic indulgence, cyanide and so on. Hence getting to know the heart is vital to my knowledge.
The heart is located on the left cavity between the lungs. It looks like a twisting muscle surrounded by pericardium, a sac characterized by outer fibrous, which anchors the heart to surrounding structures. And inner serous pericardium consists of outer parietal layer and inner visceral layer. A thick layer of serous fluid lies between these two layers to provide slippery surface of the heart.
The pathway of blood is through the chambers of valves of the right atrium located in the upper side of the heart which acts as storage chamber so blood is available for right ventricle. Right ventricle is pumping chamber for pulmonary circulation. The left atrium is auricle appendage receive oxhenated blood from the lungs through four pulmonary veins ( two from each lungs) it also acts as the same purpose as the right atrium, which is a holding chamber of blood. The left ventricle is the pumping chamber for systematic circulation. As a greater blood pressure is required to pump blood through, the more extensive circulation than through pulmonary circulation. The left ventricle is larger and its walls are thicker than right ventricle.
When left ventricle contracts, it pumps oxygenated blood through the aortric semilunar valve, large artery, the aorta and throughout the body.
So based on my understanding, the heart muscle is stimulated by a “pacemaker cells” ( right and left atrium and ventricle) to eject blood through the aortic valve. In which delivers oxygen rich blood to the rest of the body.

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