Anatomy: neti nasal cleansing

I would liken our nasal passages as the ‘goalkeeper’ to our inner system. When we keep this passage clean, clear and healthy the end result would be clarity of mind, mental alertness, sharper senses, restoring health and harmony and better overall general wellbeing.
When I did my first session of Neti nasal cleansing, it was like a ‘eureka’ moment. I felt so clear headed and the breathing felt good, not laboured nor congested. Neti is done by adding salt to lukewarm water and with the help of a neti pot, pour the content into the right nostril, tilting the head slightly to the left, not bending too far forward nor backwards but at an angle where the water will flow out effortless from the left nostril. It is to be repeated on the left nostril.
The results will be a clearer nasal passage as it clears the sinus which is the area above our nose and the eyebrows. It aids in ridding our body of toxins and irritants, relaxing the nasal nerves and O2 flow to the brain will be uninterrupted as energy will be properly channelled. Neti nasal cleansing also help to balance the 2 nadis: Ida (left) and Pingala (right) ) leading to the nervous system. When either of these 2 nadis is partially blocked by mucus or pollutants, it may affect the way we think, feel and our emotional wellbeing is compromised. Proper breathing is the key to good health and the maintenance of this important organ cannot be ignored.
On a lighter note, a very funny incident happened on the day we were practising this cleansing. I was with my course mate Christy and both of us were squatting by the drain pouring water down our nasal passages. While waiting for Christy to finish her 2nd cleansing, along came a mini lorry and when the driver was just by our side, I chanced upon the look on his face and it was crunched up, a look of terror and horror. Perhaps he just couldn’t believe what he was witnessing! If only he knows the benefits of this wonderful cleansing technique, he would surely be squatting alongside us.

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