Am I fat??

Yamas means “Restrain”.
Yamas is one of the 8 limbs. Yamas includes Ahimsa (non violence, non-injury), Satya (truthfulness), Brahmacharya (Chastity, sublimation of sexual energy), Asteya (non-stealing, non-covetedness), Aparigraha (non-accepting of gifts or bribes). It is not easy to restrain ourselves and reach perfection in the 5 points above. To achieve these slowly we need to closely scrutinize our lifestyle and every move and action we make. One which I have personally achieved and has been always inside me is Satya. Once I was out for a coffee with a close friend and ex-colleague. She asked me  Am I Fat?” to which I answered “You are a little overweight but not fat”.
I know the truth is sometimes not nice but that is how I am, that is my character, even with a small thing like that I like to tell the truth. I think when I said that she might have felt said but that was the truth. She always tells me she wants to do exercise to lose some weight and to get fit but she has never done it. When I answer like that it does not push her to do any exercise but at least whenever she sees me perhaps she will eat less, which is better for her. I assumed if I said “no”, as perhaps most people would, then I might encourage her to eat more all of the time! Telling the truth or telling lies both cause “Karma”, but I prefer to tell the truth as much as I can in life so that I feel better within.

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