Alvin Low's Essay 4 – My Journey in Yoga

It has been 4 years since I begin my Yoga journey. I started learning Yoga with my wife and we enjoyed the weekly lessons so much. Hence, I started to look into teaching Yoga. After looking for months, I finally found Tirisula Yoga that offered me this 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Course.
The first few classes of physical training were tremendously tough on my 55-year old body. But I managed to pull through and I felt a great sense of achievement.
The theory classes taught the history of Yoga and how it has evolved over the years. I also learnt more about our bodies – muscles, bones and our organs. We were taught how different Yoga poses and alignment help to increase a practiser’s flexibility and balance.
Due to language barrier, I could not understand most of the scientific terms and Yoga jargons used. However, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Master Paalu Ramasamy and Master Chong Wei Ling share their knowledge and humorous personal experience during theory classes. I bought Chinese Yoga books to catch up on the information shared during class in hopes of passing the final examination.
We will never be able to have 100% knowledge of our bodies. However, practice makes perfect. I believe what’s important is that I continuously learn and expand my knowledge in Yoga.

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