Alvin Low's Essay 3 – Our Muscular System

There are three types of muscles. Skeletal muscles are voluntary muscles which help to generate movement of the body. They require stimulations from the Central Nervous System. Cardiac muscles are involuntary and they generate their own stimuli to initiate muscle contraction. Smooth muscles are also involuntary and are relatively slow. They line the walls of hollow organs.
Our muscles work by contraction and relaxation. For example, when clenching our fists tightly, our forearm muscle, Palmaris longus, will contract. When we let go, the muscle will relax. Hence, every movement we make uses a combination of muscles working together without us consciously thinking about it.
While doing Yoga, we will be stretching and working our muscles for every move. As Yoga instructors, we have to understand the different types of muscles, the name of the muscles and its functions. Thus, we would be able to explain and guide them to practice Yoga in a way beneficial to their bodies.

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