Alvin Low's Essay 2 – Our Bone Structure

Like every building, the structure and foundation of the building is most important to determine its stability. Our bones are just like the foundation of a building, keeping our body in shape and supporting our entire body structure.
There are two types of bones. The Axial Skeletal is made up of 80 bones which supports the framework of our bodies. It consists of the vertebral column, the rib cage and the skull.
The Appendicular Skeletal is made up for 126 bones including the pectoral girdles, upper / lower limb and the pelvic girdle. These bones provide the protection for our vital organs.
Bones are an essential part of our human body. With a good knowledge of our bone structure, I would be able better understand and explain each Yoga move to my students. It will also help me to correct their posture with more accuracy.

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