Almost vegetarian…

Who would have thought it…it’s just like Master Sree said it would be, the body doesn’t want meat anymore…


My diet has changed from being a meat lover, especially the craving for bacon for breakfast as a treat on Sundays. I don’t know how it happened but I am not interested anymore.


Now my day starts with a smoothie of blueberries, banana, spinach and almond milk or a bowl of oatmeal with banana and blueberries.


For lunch I crave a green salad with falafel or a sandwich with cheese and tomatoes. Sometimes I order delivery of a Masala Dosa, which is my favourite dish at the moment.


As I am the one cooking in the family on the weekdays it will be my choice for dinner and most days its veggie soups, salads with falafel and hummus. Or something other meat free. My daughter is vegetarian so she is happy with the dinner choices where my husband and son would comment and say where is the rest of the food?


And I am browsing for vegetarian recipes when I am trying to get new inspirations. The last thing I tried to cook was dahl, I even got the right toor dahl from a colleague at work but I was disappointed in the lack of flavour compared to the dahl I would get in restaurants. I will continue to try…


My favourite food is definitely Indian food as the flavours are incredible and we are lucky to have so many restaurants on our doorstep. 


I know I am not completely sattvic yet and still have rajasic food but the tamasic food have definitely decreased from my diet.