All about that poo…

Seems like I have minor constipation issue long time ago. I only go when my stomach sends me signal once in a while. Drinking coffee is a good way to trigger my bowel movement. However, I’m not a coffee person so this is not an option for me.


You still can do your job as per normal with constipation but long term wise,  it may affect your health since the toxin may be accumulated in your body and not cleared out on time. Lets imagine people get in and out from the bus. Bus is like your body, people who get in the bus is the food you consume, while people who get out from the bus is the poo. If more and more people go up the bus without anybody coming out of the bus, what will happen? The bus will be heavier, moving slower and less efficient.


I include vegetables and fruit in my lunch and dinner. I also wake up early every morning at about 6 plus. The thing is I don’t give myself enough time to sit down and relax in the morning. Most of the time I’m busy preparing breakfast or looking at my handphone.


Since taking YTT, I adopt a better lifestyle. Master Paalu taught us to practice 5 steps rejuvenation every morning before sun rise, at about 6am. I find Nadi Shodana (Channel cleansing) with retention can really calm me down and let me feel refreshed. It is easy and can be done everywhere. Most important, it is a quiet exercise that I can do without interrupting other people in the house who are still sleeping.


Drink a glass of warm water, followed by Nadi Shodana.

1. Go into a comfortable seated position. I will prefer cross-legged to keep my spine straight.

2. Bring your right index and middle finger to the flesh of your right palm. This is Vishnu Mudra.

3. For your left hand, join your thumb and index finger and place it on top of your left knee. This is Chin Mudra.

4. Close your left nostril with your right ring finger, inhale through the right nostril for 6 counts.

5. Then, hold your breath by closing the right nostril with right thumb. Hold for 12 counts.

6. Next, open your left nostril and exhale your breath completely for 12 counts.

7. The ratio used here is inhale:hold:exhale ratio = 1:2:2. You can proceed to 1:4:2 ratio when u feel comfortable with current ratio. Repeat steps 4-6 by inhaling through the left side, hold the breath and exhaling through the right side.


If you are sitting on toilet bowl, you may elevate your knees so that they are above your hip.

Probably you can use stool or something with height that is about your forearm length, depending on your creativity and comfort. This creates the squatting position that we had in the squat toilet during childhood. Your body will thank you because your puborectalis muscle is relaxed and it allows rectum to be straightened for defecation. You may refer to LINK if you want to look at how the muscle works, it is interesting!


There are few exercises that I will do to stimulate the bowel movement. These poses are pretty easy. Poses 2 & 3 can be done while you are sitting on the toilet bowl. Just make sure you can breathe well in the toilet while doing these poses.

1. Malasana (Yogi Squat)

    Squat on the floor with your feet firmly but butt off the floor.

    Helps to create calmness while relaxing the intestine. 

    Please don’t squat on the toilet bowl to avoid any unwanted damage…..










2. Seated twist

    Sit on the toilet bowl.

    Inhale, raise your right hand up and twist your upper body to right.

    Exhale, place your right palm on the wall behind you.

    Place your left elbow on right outer knee.

    Push your left elbow to your knee and twist to the right more. You can really feel the massage on your internal organ.










3. Pawan Muktasana (Wind relieving pose)

    Instead of doing this in supine position, you can do in seated position too.

    With your sitting bone on toilet bowl, roll down your body slowly.

    Bring your belly towards thigh, chin to knee.

    Reach your hand towards the base of the stool.

    This pose presses your belly and will help to release unwanted gas. You feel relax since your back is stretched.










This sequence works well for me and my body feel lighter nowadays. You may give it a try and if you have any ideas, feel free to share with me 🙂



Su Yan ^.^

YTT200 Sept Weekend 2017

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