Ahimsa & World Peace

Mandy Neo , 200 hr (NOV 2015)
Ahimsa and World Peace
Ahimsa realisation on an individual scale will lead to world peace. When one let go of one’s feelings of hatred, resentment, and anger and choose to forgive , seek to understand and help another, the feelings of compassion will put an end to the vicious cycle of hatred. Hatred breeds aggression and resentment breeds hatred. Forgiving seems difficult if the pain inflicted by another has been great. However, if one is able to pause for a while and think, one will know that as humans we are often manipulated and oppressed by the states of hell, animality, hunger and anger that exists in all human beings. If we have this common understanding, we will be able to forgive each of our wrongs and seek the greater goal of creating good for all rather then wallowing in hatred and resentment that does not create any good at all.
“Free oneselves from hatred, anger, resentment..,
Choose to fill oneselves with compassion”
This personal endeavour of everyone will spread like water ripples and create an ocean of world peace.
If our late Mr Nelson Mandela can achieve ahimsa and practice non-violence and compassion to its truest sense, so can we as we are just like late Mr Nelson Mandela, just a normal human being.

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