Ahimsa towards Yourself

Ahimsa towards yourself

Ahimsa, the first and foremost five Yama of Eight Limbs of Yoga. Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word meaning of “non-violence”, or in another words it means “absence of injuries”. Ahimsa is not only non-violence in the physical sense, but with your words and thoughts as well. It’s the absence of violence in physical, mental and emotional form.

Many of us could say good words and show pleasant behavior to our families and friends, or even could show generous kindness to stranger. But we seem to forgot the most important “myself”. You may not identify some thought and mind actually harm yourself. 

It’s important to remind ourselves of ahimsa throughout our yoga practices, it is easy to just judge at ourselves for not being at a level of enough strength or flexibility and push ourselves too much further which beyond what our body can do thus hurting or injuring ourselves unconsciously. This is not saying that we shouldn’t push ourselves to get better, but we need to be made the process slow and steady for improvement. We have to be thoughtful to our physical body and only go a little bit beyond your ability day by day, one day you will get here. While we practicing on mat, celebrate every moment between you and yourself. Practicing ahimsa over and over again, eventually it will become natural part of us.

The more often you practice self-care and compassion, eventually you become ‘ahimsa’ naturally and effortlessly. Take a moment for yourself, sit comfortably and upright, close your eyes and place your palms together in heart center. Take a deep breath in, notice whatever within you now, maybe you can feel your pulse or even a fluctuated mind, but they’re all fine. Whisper to yourself “Thank you, you’re great.”