Ahimsa off the mat

After the first week of YTT I got the invitation to attend my friend’s wedding in Phuket, Thailand. Living as an expat means to be far whenever important events are happening, I always missed it! That’s probably one of the reason I was so excited to share this moment with my friends.
Once Friday class was finished I rushed back home to prepare my luggage for my Saturday early flight. To avoid any possible traffic jam I decided to take MRT to the airport and leave home early because I wanted to work on my lessons learnt during the first week of the training.
The topic was about  “The 8 limbs of Yoga”  I was reading through “Ahimsa (non violence) ” when the train arrived at Changi Airport.

I walked out from the train and about to tap out from the station but I realised I couldn’t get out. My debit card which I use as MRT card was missing, I could not find it in my wallet anymore. I started to panic, how could I travel without my credit card?

I kept searching in my bag, took out my stuffs one by one but I couldn’t find anything. I can still remember my heartbeat starting to beat faster and faster. Then started my thoughts; How am I going to handle this situation? Do I have time to go back home? Do I have enough money to pay for the hotel, taxi etc.?
And finally I started blaming myself, For not being careful enough, for lacking of carefulness. The situation seemed more and more impossible to solve and I was getting angrier by the time.

But then came a moment I manage to clear my mind.
I took a deep inhalation and I told myself that I couldn’t go back and fixed things which had already happened but what I can do now is try my best to solve the problem and move on.

After all what happened I got to the plane and recalled what Master Paalu mentioned during the class about
Ahimsa (non violence , being non-injurious which transforms to love of all).
I realised that I was actually hurting myself the whole time, I couldn’t accept the events as they were, I was angry and put on negative energy. These are violences I have inflicted to myself.

I think sometimes everyone hold grudges inside themselves but I believe we can overcome this negative situation by practicing Ahimsa.

The point of this story is by hurting myself, by blaming myself, overreacting and stressing, I forgot about the only truth of the moment: I was happy and exited to join my friend’s wedding!