How Ahimsa implant in my life?!!!

Ahimsa in yoga helps you realize the truest, highest, most beautiful expression of self. Ahimsa means non-harming or known as non-violence in Sanskrit, which show harmless between human contacts. In fact, it is not only implying as physical action but mental power to control oneself. The practices of Ahimsa physically and mentally are to improve the quality of life. Ahimsa non- harming of own self means to physically healthy, where we able to live, eat and act healthily. Non –violence to other meaning to control our thoughts of harming the opposite person. For examples, if we have the thought of mentally or physically harming your friends, the actions will come into play. It is a natural reaction for humankind to think and perform physically. Practicing Ahimsa allow us to build more positive thought and wellness. If we implant this foundation in our life, it provides a path of your highest expression of self, regardless spiritually or secular. The philosophy of think and act healthily has been delivered since many decades ago but in this modern life we are blindly cover with jealousy, greediness and many more. I am now, trying hard to implant this practice in my life after I have been enlightened by Master Paalu. Most of the time, I was affected by politics around the work place, the unhealthy conversation and the actions of questioning why the surrounding are acting strangely. In a second, my thought has changes tremendously when I practice Ahimsa. Whenever I encountered a negative or unwanted situation, I remind myself “I don’t care” what people do and I have no regrets in my action. This principle have make me live healthier and happily. Every weekend, I am looking forward to my yoga practice and I found happiness and satisfactions of what balance of life mean to me. I see things in a beautiful way and I have no judgments on the people or friends that hurting me. My life stress slowly fades away from my mind and I have no doubt on unhealthy question, which lingering in me. I believe if we projects a positive energy around us things will become better. My life changes after a 3 months transformation and enlightenment.
“You are not going to make everyone happy, so why bother trying? Work hard, follow your dreams, and live your life!”
Angie Wong
200 hrs YTT (Sep 2015, weekend class)

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