Ageing with 8 ageless secrets

Crossing the half-centurion mark, I wrote my bucket list on what to do for the next leg of life.
One of the items was create a healthy lifestyle which would allow me to grow “younger”, live longer.
Thus my journey on having a more conscious lifestyle started.
There are many scientific research done on medicines and cosmetic solutions as a quick fix to all the countless
ailments one suffers as one ages such as deterioration in hearing, vision, flexibility, memory
and muscle strength. But quick fixes are not long-term in nature besides being costly and could even have side-effects thus damaging
one’s body and mind.
Although genes play an integral part, the following practical guidelines has been encouraged to transform our experience
to decrease our biological age. We have to make a conscious effort if we earnestly seek to transform ourselves.
1.       Have a paradigm shift in your Body and Aging
Begin to see body as a field of energy, transformation that is consistently renewing itself.
Watch your internal dialogue like “I’m too old to try yoga or some other activity” or “I am going to get my mum’s
Keep in mind your cells are listening on what you say. A powerful affirmation you can say every day.
” I am becoming healthier and more alert every day.”

    2.       Stress Reduction and Meditation

     Ever since I learn to set aside time to meditate, I’m able to relax more with each breath inhalation and exhalation.
Research have shown that people who meditate regularly develop less stress-related illnesses that speed up aging.
A recent ground-breaking study conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital showing that in less than 8 weeks of
Meditation helped people to become calmer and produced changes in various parts of the brains, including growth
in the areas associated with memory, empathy, sense of self, and stress regulation. I recommend a qualified instructor
to learn traditional meditation practice. For those interested, Tirisula Yoga offers instructions in meditation.
3.       A good and restful sleep Habit
 Normally, if I wake up tired I know my sleep was not restful. If I wake up energetic and vibrant, my sleep was definitely sound.
I used to be insomniac as my brain used to be overactive and take relaxants to induce sleep, but I weaned off completely
when I did yoga or practice meditation.  It is recommended that you take only a light meal in the evening before 7.30pm.
Go for a leisurely walk after dinner and sleep before pm. You can pen your thoughts in a journal so that your mind doesn’t
keep you awake.
4.       Feed your Body with Nutritious Food                                                                    
At Tirisula Yoga, you learn to eat different types of food for different types of personality. There are “dead” foods that
Accelerate aging and others that renew and revitalise the body. Stay away from canned and frozen food and focus on eating
a variety of fresh and  freshly prepared food. Include 6 tastes (sweet, salty, sour, pungent, bitter and astringent).
Along with 6 tastes , choose colours of the rainbow on your plate. Deep blue, (blueberries), purple (brinjal) orange, (carrots)
Yellow (pumpkin) red (tomatoes) green (broccoli).
5. Exercise
One of the most fundamental ways to grow younger and live longer is regular exercise. It helps in building muscle mass, strength,
aerobic capacity, density, lower cholesterol. It also keeps the mind vital and promotes well emotional being. A complete fitness
program should be planned for oneself like, walking, swimming and yoga. You want to include a 10 minute stretch in your routine
as warm-up. Find activities that you enjoy. You will be surprised how quickly you can build your strength stamina and flexibility.
6.        Love and Friendship                                                                                                                                                                                              
Loneliness and Isolation can create conditions for rapid aging. Heart attacks and death rates are known to increase
amongst the widowed, and men without jobs.  My mum was widowed at 37, kept to herself and had depression, ultimately suffered a heart attack
which led to her death by  the time she was 50. One should stay connected and be open to new relationships throughout your
life.  No amount of television or reading can replace human contact that nourishes love and care.   Get involved in community projects or with youths.
7.       Maintain a Youthful Mind
An ancient Vedic aphorism says, “Infinite flexibility is the secret to immortality”. When we create flexibility in our consciousness,
we renew ourselves in every moment and reverse the aging process. To maintain a youthful
mind do things that evoke childhood in you.
Like sitting on a swing, building sandcastles, eating ice-cream cone. We began as children, so experiencing our childlike connects
Us to a part that is never born and never dies – our eternal spiritual essence.
8.       Travel
Traveling whether on short or long trips makes you look forward to adventure. It can be cheap or expensive but the mind and body gets an uplift
Every time you experience a new scene, people , sounds, food and not to forget shopping for knick-knacks. One should plan take at least one long
Trip and shorter trips to refresh one’s sense of adventure and youthfulness. Even a day-trip to the beach or a hike through a forest is insightful
and wonderful.
I await with abated breath to what beholds me….
– Sharmini Kristina Yoga TTC 200hrs
Reference : chopra.centre

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