Advance Yoga Class Plan – Working on the hamstrings, glutz, quads :)

Intermediate Yoga Class
Warm Up : 10 mins
I would include warm up for the hip flexers, shoulder joints, ankle joints, shoulder lifts, forward bents and slight bent backs, hamstrings and quads and a couple of sun salutation B.

  1. Warrior 1
  2. Warrior 2

Variation: Floating Warrior 2

  1. Warrior 3
  2. Uktasana ( Chair Pose )

Variation: Stand up on tiptoes, lift balls of feet above the ground.

  1. Twisting chair pose
  2. Divers Pose
  3. Purvottanasana and then to child’s pose
  4. Bridge pose

Variation: Bridge pose, then holding still life right leg up to the ceiling. Then change legs, left leg up high, toes pointing to ceiling

  1. Boat pose

10. Locust pose
11. Half spinal twist
12. Savasana
Evangeline Tay – 200 hr Teachers Training

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