Actions begets consequences

Action [Definition]:
The process of doing something in order to achieve a particular end result.
An end result that happens because of a particular action or set of conditions.
So, what do these 2 words have to do with yoga philosophy?
Hint: Karma yoga! It does not simply end with these 2 words!
In my humble opinion, Karma does not just end with these 2 words.
Actions with intended motives to do good, does it result in good Karma?
For example, actions in doing good will make oneself feel good. What about feeling mighty when helping others, thus bringing you on an ego trip? Or that one can boast about good actions and become a hot topic among friends. Or even worse to know that good actions will bring good Karma and hence do lots of it with motives.
Are we guilty to these actions??? I can tell you honestly that I am.
I can tell you for a fact that lots of people are, and I am one of them. To do good actions for people who are ”luckier” than you is something that I do not seem to witness a lot of, because people have the mentality that “why should we help people who seem better than us, they would not need it! They hold better jobs, better paychecks, higher status.” Our body is a temple for suffering, happiness lies within us. Even if a person seems to have what the majority people cant afford, they still do have their own suffering!
When Momo was 10 years, mommy went into her room and asked her to make a donation for a charity. It had pictures of handicapped old people. It broke her heart instantly! She told her mom to take her month’s allowance to donate everything in. This made her proud.
Is a child of this age guilty of being egoistic? 18 Years later, this young lady went to India for a vacation. She made trips to 5 orphanages. At each orphanage, she went to the supermarket to load up the van with cartons of milk powder, sacks of flour and rice, cookies and soap. She was so happy in the supermarket. When she reached the orphanages, she unloaded all the food. The children were arranged to sing and perform. At that very instance, she felt both a sense of happiness and sadness. It’s not that she feels pain for the children and not because the place was run down, not even because she thinks she is luckier. But she realized that it is Because of the children that she was GIVEN a chance to do good! Without these orphans, how would we able to do good? It is them who are creating good actions for us instead!
How ironic!
It is actually a cycle! It is only the law of nature that she was there, it is the only “right” thing to do. To do good without motives.
Karma action is something that we should not think about. It is the cycle of Life.
We will never be worried about the consequences of our actions when we have already understood the law of nature.