Achieving peace of mind through meditation

I have always wanted to do meditation but have always found it difficult because of the anxiety within my mind. All thoughts are running in my mind when i tried to meditate in the past. The funny thing is that the more i want not to think of something the more it comes to my mind. But a few days ago when Master Pallu sat down with the class to do meditation, i was quite surprised as i never expected that we will be doing meditation that day. But when I noticed that he had closed all the curtains to prevent all the light from coming in and he had turned on a light soothing music I had a feeling he was going to start us on a meditation journey.  He then instructed us to sit in a comfortable with our back straights and then asked us to close our eyes,  focus on our breathing and to forget about the outside world as we started the meditation. Initially it was difficult for me to sit for long by keeping my back straight and to take away all thoughts from my mind. As had happened in the past, all the worries of the past and the future started entering into my head. I could also feel that the left upper thigh was beginning to feel numb.  I realized that if i was focusing on the physical difficulties i was facing i would never be able to meditate, then i tried not to focus on the physical difficulties i was facing and also decided to turn negative thoughts about worries to positive things about myself like the wonderful course i was taking and the benefit yoga is bringing to me. It took me a really long time to get into the state of meditation and feel a sort of calmness within myself. Finally after around an hour the sessions was over but i think i probably really did only 20 minutes but it was still a learning experience for me and through this session i really came to understand the benefit of meditation and how it helps us achieve inner calm and peace. Of course this is something that needs to be done consistently instead of just in one sitting. So what are the benefits of meditation ?
Firstly, it benefits the emotional well being of the person doing meditation.  It lessens the worries and the anxieties that the person has and reduces our stress levels. This is a great benefit considering the fact that in Singapore we are all very stressed with our work. So spending some time meditating every day will take away all those stress and anxieties.  Secondly it also enhances our own self-esteem and self -acceptance. This means it helps us appreciate the strengths we have within ourselves. There is  a saying that we need to love ourselves first before we can love others and yoga helps us to love ourselves. It also helps us become stronger when we are faced with challenges in our lives and be able to take any changes that come in our lives positively. It also has benefits on the mind and increases our memory retention, concentration power and problem solving skills. Finally there are physical benefits also some of which includes an improvement in breathing and our heart rate, reduced blood pressure, lessens heart and brain problems and helps improve our general immune system as well as our energy level.
With all these benefits why are you guys waiting ? Start doing meditation regularly !
Tahsina razuan
200hr yttc september 2015 weekday