Accepting Yourself As Who You Are, Right Now!

I benefited from yoga practice since the first class, and the personal experience is more than just physical!
YOGA is a true good form of exercise involving the movement of body as a whole, from the minor to major joints and muscles, in all directions, building both strength and flexibility. On top of that, the best thing about long term yoga practice is it connects your physical, mental and spiritual health to a balance, which contributes to true total health of a human being.
From the first day of your practice, you will slowly discover more about yourself. You will realize much deeper of your strength and your weaknesses. Many things about yourself that were unknown to you prior to that. This is the time when struggles come, within yourself and then healings begin.   Be firm, be patience to overcome all the good and bad that come to you.
It has time when you get so excited and motivated when you can perform so well in the poses in just few practices, and it fires you up to move forward. Nonetheless, there are more times when you encounter challenges  because you cannot perform the poses, no matter how hard you try to push yourself, for a month, two months, half a year or longer. So…
Please accept yourself as who you are right now, accept the difference between individual body, and keep practicing.
It is the process to get into the pose and not the final pose itself that bring you benefits. Yoga has taught me to accept the difference between individual. Respect each individual as who they are. When you first get into yoga class, it is so true that you will start comparing yourself with others. Sometimes ego may appear and want to outperform others, pushing too hard until injure themselves.
This is a challenge, the time when you need to bring your focus back to your own inner self, not to compete with others but yourself. Knowing that each individual body structure is different, and you have different things to work hard on, same applies to your life.
Take a break, and restructure the way you practice. Sometimes we may be too focus on the final pose, and forget to analyze the way we are practicing. Come back to yourself. Find out your weakness and work on it. Open up your mind, and open up yourself to all the possibilities.
Embark your very own yoga journey today, and accept who you are, and transform to be a better one, a little day by day. Twenty years later you will be surprise and appreciate what you have done today.
 ‘Your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.’ Mahatma Ghandi.    

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