An absolute sweati-licious experience!

I used to be a dancer and was active in sports like basketball, netball and volleyball. Stamina endurance was never an issue for me until I had a throat and lung infection 6 years back, that made me lose my voice temporary and my lungs felt weaker because of the lack of exercise during the term. After recovery, I went back to doing my sports again, sadly, I felt the major difference and I could no longer sustain as long as before.
During that period, I was introduced to Yoga by some friends, telling me that it might help in strengthening my stamina by the various breathing techniques practiced by the Yoga practicitioners. After the course of 12 weeks sessions, no doubt I felt my muscles were strengthened, however, I did not feel a major difference in my stamina, as the instructor emphasized a lot more on Asanas than Pranayamas, I felt weak in my lungs, still. I did not continue Yoga after that.
By chance, 7 months back, I got re-introduced to Yoga in a boutique gym, and had the opportunity to try a few of the breathing techniques that the instructor shared during class. I felt good, refreshed and discovered I was able to hold the Asanas better with the aid of proper breathing techniques. Together with functional training, I incorporated strength and flexibility into Yoga practices and felt much stronger in general.
That did not stop there, I was curious, curiosity within me made me want to discover more about Yoga, a practice that was handed down from thousands of years ago. I was tired of having to google for answers, not knowing how credible they are. Upon searching for answers, I came across Tirisula Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Certification Course.
I decided to take the leap and took a break from work to attend the certification course, hoping to learn the proper alignments and basic techniques of Yoga. The first day of class came, I was a little apprehensive and did not know what to expect from the course. I asked myself, “is this what I really want to go through?” Lots of thoughts went through my mind but I did not have answers to them.
The teachers, Master Paalu and HuiYan gave a brief run-through of what we will expect from the period of 6 weeks. I was amazed by the different backgrounds of my coursemates, different age groups, different nationalities, in our different stages of lives, with or without children at home. Nevertheless, all of us have a common goal, and that is to learn and unlearn. Master Paalu prepared us mentally that the whole course will not be easy and at some point we may have a breakdown-time, but what is important is to get back up and continue on after that phase. 3 hours of yoga daily is physically draining and challenging, ending the class with soaking wet-with-perspiration apparels and yoga mat towels. On the other side, it definitely helped us to condition our bodies to be prepared for what is coming up ahead of us.
Personally, I felt that my body reacts better to aches as the days passed by and different parts of my muscles are slowly being awakened. Also, with proper breathing techniques,  Bandhas and Mediation, I felt that I am stronger in my mind and stamina, enabling me to move on to more challenging Asanas in the series.
I really liked what Master Paalu mentioned in class that, Yoga is a combination of Strength, Flexibility and Stamina. That reflects almost instantaneously during our morning routines, the conditioning, the flexibility stretches and most importantly, working a lot on strength-muscle control. Day by day, I am seeing developments on my body, I could feel the difference, I am fitter than before. Especially with the daily practice of Pranayama, I see a big change in my stamina, definitely for the better. My personal functional-training instructor was surprised to see the change in my body condition after just 2 short weeks of Yoga conditioning and practice.
No doubt it is both physically and mentally challenging, I look forward to attending the class every weekday morning. I am specially intrigued by the history and techniques of Yoga that was passed down from so many years ago to this modern life. The better understanding in Sanskrit language gave me enlightenment, that every movement, every breath and every Asana means something, just like how it reflects back into our daily lives. It is just amazing.
“Understanding without practice is better than practice without understanding. Understanding with practice is better than understanding without practice. Residing in your true nature is better than understanding or practice.” ~ Upanishads
Posh (weekday/200hrYTTC/HathaAshtanga/Nov14)

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